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1.A midi skirt and a casual t-shirt

Wearing a midi skirt is a great way to embrace your natural shape and curves as they flatter every size and shape and make you look good with many possible combinations. One of them is pairing your skirt with a plain/casual t-shirt giving an extremely simple yet chic look

Pro tip – If you’re a fan of layered clothing, adding a denim jacket on your outfit here will instantly make it more vibrant!

2. A Floral Dress

Floral dresses possess a great summery vibe and they are equally good looking and comfortable. Pick any bright colored dress with desired floral patterns and style it with a pair of flip flops/sneakers and you’re good to go!

Pro tip- Just to make your outfit fancier, layer your dress along with a plain shirt and see the difference!

3. Go for a shoulder dress

Chic style. A great option to choose when on a trip and want a loose fit. A shoulder dress never fails to make you feel cute!

5. Say yes to a mini dress

Mini dresses are both showy & well fitting, and they look great in daylight. Be it a coffee date or a concert or a party, throw in a pair of sneakers on a mini dress and rock whatever occasion it is.

6. Shirt dresses:

A simple chic Shirt dresses are an amazing option to achieve a chic and fashionable look, suited for many occasions. Be it a cocktail party or casual gathering, style up the shirt dress as per need, add a few accessories and make a statement!

7. Off shoulder dresses

If you’re looking for dresses with a rather gorgeous appeal, an off shoulder is a must have. They’re amazing in comfort and have a sophisticated feel to them which makes them a great option to be worn on dates and chill casual outings.

8. Boho dresses

It’s summery, it’s comfy and it’s a vibe. Perfect for beaches, boho dresses have a deep aesthetic appeal. They’re colorful and should be a part of your summer essentials!

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