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Biker shorts were a popular piece of clothing back in the ’90s. But then its craze went off just like that. However, their modern day comeback has been exceptional wherein now biker shorts are being paired in the most creative ways possible. There are literally such fun ways to wear biker shorts that nowadays it has become a “must have” part of your wardrobe.

The main reason behind the rising popularity of biker shorts is the underlying versatility and comfort. Not only are they flexible in pairing with
other outfits but they can actually be worn as per different moods. In the recent lockdown times, biker shorts have come out as a piece of
clothing that’s extremely comfortable and has a lot of functionality to explore.

Whether you’re working out at a gym or chilling indoors or headed out, biker shorts usually come in handy and useful. It normally depends till what extent do you wanna style them.

Now, let’s go ahead and check out some simple but really cool ways to style your pair of biker shorts and make a statement.

1.Style with it a warm cozy sweatshirt

It’s a peaceful day out there and you feel like being at home, sippin on a cup of coffee. Well, why not look good while doing so? Get your
comfy sweatshirt and style it a pair of biker shorts with it, and instantly feel good! You can also put on this pair of comfort clothing while casually heading out.

2. Make the most out of your oversized t-shirt

The quickest way to hop on to a pair of biker shorts. Oversized tees are a look all their own, so go ahead and rock your favorite with a pair of bike shorts and sneakers. Within 10 minutes, you can get into a super comfortable outfit and look good at the same time.

Pro tip- When styling your biker shorts with tees, use graphic, street style t-shirts to spice it up!

3. Matching your pair of biker shorts

The trend of co-ords has remerged in 2020 and is here to stay. This particular way of styling your pair of biker shorts is ideal for gym sessions and especially when you’re an athleisure fan.

Pro tip- Here is your chance to make a creative outfit statement in your biker shorts. Look out for Tie-dye colours from cool to subtle colour mixes and match them as per your mood.

4. The pretty twist: Biker shorts with a Cardigan/sweater

The clock strikes the ideal contrast of sexy and pretty when you pair your tights with a cozy sweater/cardigan. The final outcome is a casually vibrant outfit which gives out a chill vibe.

Pro tip- Go with a cardigan or a sweater based on your look preference. If you want a comfy, loose look go with a sweater and if you feel like having a defined and fitted look, choose a cardigan.

5. Biker shorts and blazer: A striking modern day combination

Wanna give yourself a bold look but don’t wanna wear formals, here is your answer; put on a blazer over your biker shorts with sneakers/heels and get your boss babe outfit sorted. Moreover, attain a level of sophistication by throwing in a few accessories and you’re ready to conquer!

6. Pairing sports bra and biker shorts

This comes in easy when you’re looking for either activewear or fitted outfits. This is as simple as it gets. In recent times, we often see fashion enthusiasts carrying a sporty look and it is no more confined to gym workouts.

Pro tip- Throw in a shirt or a bomber jacket on this outfit and get a casual, exciting look on the go!

Looking for inspirations to style your pair of biker shorts, pick one from the abovementioned ways as per the occasion and your preferred feel of the outfit. Choose the option which suits you the most and get ready to feel good,
feel comfy!

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